Wednesday, 21 June 2017

21st June 2017 - Longest day - Hottest Day

Thought for the day: "His wife told him: "Sex is better on holiday." That wasn't a very nice postcard to receive."

They say that it is getting hotter and that we will be expecting this weather more in the future. I understand that the planes in Phoenix Arizona have been grounded as the temperature has reached 40 degrees and it is not safe for them to take off ....

Meanwhile, my friend Pat decided that he would trot on down to Stonehenge to take some morning photos there - until he found that the parking charge was £15 per car....   he deided to go home and take this excellent picture instead ... Well done Pat !!

Blandford - Photo by Pat Patrick
Turns out also to be the birthday of one of my muses... Happy Birthday to Tanja

Very warm again - looks as thought we will be heading back to Llanelli today...


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