Thursday, 29 June 2017

29th June 2017 - Seems warmer in Crete

Thought for the day: "A lorry carrying 18 tonnes of Vicks Vapour Rub has jacknifed near Romford. Police have said there should be no congestion in the area for 24 hours!"

It is pretty cold in Llanelli today - so I woke this morning to my daughter posting some drone shots of Elounda in Crete! Very nice too!

Elounda - June 29th 2017

And Towards Spinalonga

Elounda - 29th June 2017

Elounda - Winter Shot
Oh well - we shall be out there in September.

Meanwhile - thoughts go out to Mythodea - and Der Vollsanger storyline had a new piece added ..
Vollsanger - The Continuing Story


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