Saturday, 17 June 2017

17th June 2017 - Barton in the Sun

Thought for the day: "I am holding a Charity function for those who cannot achieve Orgasm - let me know if you can't come"

Unexpected trip down to the South Coast but my first trip in Barossa the Ninja Car - and very comfortable it was as well - with the air conditioning keeping us fairly cool for the journey.

'Thena seems to enjoy it down here - with the large garden for running around in and the company ...

Are you comfortable there??

am now - thank you
Sadly, Vic has a dicky tummy so unable to enjoy quite as much as we would hope.. but waiting the doctors and very impressed with the 111 service down here - not a long wait and sensible questions and solutions ...

But the weather is fins and hot - and that is confusing as it is also an Empire Weekend - and from the past those two things should not co-exist - it is like Clark Kent and Superman being in the room together - or Bruce Wayne and Batman

Empire at 4.30am - Simon Morgan
In other news - my friend Pete the Storm Chaser has finally got back from his travels chasing storms and has started sending me videos of songs sung in the first event back in May...
12 downloaded so far - not quite sure how many there will be at the end ...   Ho Hum ...  

And so - as the diet continues - I am away from home and do not have the scales to check weight loss / gain so will have to wait until I return to see how well I am doing on my target. Starting at 15 stone 12 and a half - I was pleased to see the figure 14 on the scale before I left - all be it 14stone 13 and a half - it was still a milestone for me ...  Will see where we are after the weekend when I get home ..

Queen's Birthday Honours out today - seems they missed me again !!



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