Thursday, 22 June 2017

22nd June 2017 - Serendipity and Saucy Photos

Thought for the day :"I'd just like to give a shout out to all librarians - oh"

Early start to the day - not really intentionally - someone decided that today was a good day to start letting off fireworks in the local park at Dawn. Either they got the Solstice wrong - or decided to celebrate the end of Ramadam or just thought it was a good time to have a party. Sadly - we seem to have a dog that does not mind thunder storms - but does not like the bangs in a fireworks and decided to insert herself under the dressing table - which really is not a good idea - though I suppose it has proved a good reason to clear all the "stuff" underneath for the first time in five years ... But a disturbed morning and when you are up - you may as well be up ....

Got in the car this morning - have been ignored a rolled up piece of paper by the car mat near the pedals for a couple of weeks now - decided to clear it this morning - 2 ten pound notes - Result!!!

It seems Dewi and Dynwen are on the move again - with their babies - I shall have to try and catch them when they get back to Caerphilly Castle... but I have been holding these pictures for a while so I thought I should post them ...

The Eggs

and the babies
A day in Llanelli today and going into the Chair of Deheubarth Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor later today - then back down to the South Coast tomorrow for the weekend ..  Busy Busy ...

Susie off for a photo shoot for the Choir - a saucy Calendar Girls style photo shoot - hunting around for Victorian Underwear and suitable props...should be interesting .. and I wish them luck ..


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