Monday, 5 June 2017

5th June 2017 - Having an In Tents time

Thought for the day:"What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is really heavy, and the other is a little lighter."

So, this morning I went to get a tent !
I know we do not really need a tent - but this was a 10m x 6m plastic Gala Tent and it was meant to be "hardly used" and it was only £100.
Yesterday - it was sunny when we decided to buy it and spoke with the owner - who was a publican and brewer - The White Hart at Llanddarog asked if we could come today instead as they were already open then....
Today - we had the worst weather for a long time - with the rain pouring down - particularly as I went to Llanddarog and found that the tent was outside waiting for me!! In a Big Bin!!  Where it had been for the last year - or maybe even longer - together with all the metal legs and connectors...  And A Bothy.

So - dragging all the canvas ( well plastic ) into the Bothy and then transferring the poles - it took at least an hour ( or seemed like it ) certainly long enough to get drenched.
After this - It was down to the warehouse to get it unpacked - and it was still soaking. Worse than that - all the sides had been packed so tightly that it was stuck together with rain and mud...
So - another hour of rain soaked transfer but in the end it was all stacked away..

Looks neat !!!

Should look like this one day

If nothing else it could make a good polytunnel for susie when we get the smallholding!!

As the weather gets worse during the day - I think back on all those days that we put up tents in the rain and the wind and the bad weather - and I thank my stars for sitting in a warm and dry house..

In politics...

Just about got this out in time ..
Day 5D

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