Wednesday, 14 June 2017

14th June 2017 - That nice Man from the BT

Thought for the day:"The problem with old age is that it might not last long enough"

So, I am working through a number of Health Insurance options and therefore have open on my browser a number of comparison sites and a list of sales-persons ready to answer my every question and give me quotes - when the phone goes and a gentleman tells me that he works for BT and he is phoning regarding my internet connection.

This may seem familiar to many of you - I have had similar calls before which have normally been simply discarded and life goes on. However - as on this occasion I felt justifaibly tied to my desk as I perused the various option available to me I responded in a different manner .
"Who are you?" I again enquired - politely
"I am Leo form BT"
"No you are not!"
"What do you mean? I am .."
"No you are not, and you should be ashamed of yourself"
"You should be ashamed of yourself. You know that you are not Leo of BT and that this call has nothign to do with my internet. You are a sham"
"What do you mean"
"You are calling with the intention of getting oney out of me - a poor pensioner. YOu really need to take a long har dlook at your life and see what it is that you are doing."
"You need to take yourself - this very minute - to the "thinking Stair" and sit on it and think about what you have done today and what you were about to do. You need to have a long look at your life and see how ashamed you should be.. You could be anything - You have the world ahead of you. You could be bigger than this - sitting at the end of a telephone trying to trick poor ignorant people out of their hard earned savings. I am sure that you are not reakly a bad person - but you need to look at what you are doing and turn yourself around"

I ran off after that - as I could hardly keep the straight face any longer..
I enjoyed those couple of minutes and during those couple of minutes I prevented some other person from being duped...

Others it seems have similar fun :
Caro: " I ask them if they've ever considered a more fulfilling career than being a bad con artist"

John W :" I like it when the MicroSoft man rings me about the problems with my Windows 10, I have a lovely conversation with them and they advise me about all the problems I have and when I get to the point where they ask for CC details to pay for the system to get me up and running properly again I innocently ask if this will work on my MacBook. They seem to get quite upset! Don't p**s about with pensioners, we have years of experience of messing with people. In fact some of us used to be paid to do it!"

Sheila: "Had a call saying he was from windows technology department said he wld update my security just needed my password I said ok but you don't need password to open my windows just pull handle and push"

Andy: " A friend of mine had a similar experience, his solution was to sit there for the twenty mins or so it took the scammer to instruct him on how to resolve the issue while pretending to follow his instructions while being sure to be tediously slow and annoying, when he got to the last stage and the by now frazzled scammer asked what was displayed on his screen, my friend exclaimed "Its a picture of your mother naked with an assortment of farmyard animals." Scammers have no sense of fun."

Martin: " I asked the helpful Indian lady who phoned me about non-authorised use of our BT internet what the full company name is for BT and where their HQ was. She was a tad stumped... off script perhaps :-) (we don`t have BT internet either)..."

Stuart : " I tell them I work for BT fraud dept"    

Alick : " I asked them what their mothers would think of them.. "

Have a good day :)


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