Thursday, 8 June 2017

8th June 2017 - Of Health Reforms, Blood letting and Civic Duties

Thought for the day:"I called him a watering hole - but I meant well"

So I have done my civic Duties!! I have voted by post so that is out of the way. I have taken my mother to the surgery for a regular ECG and picked up my own medication. I have taken the bottles to the dump and as I am not drinking at the moment - that pile of bottles has not increased over the last week !!  I have taken the blue bags (recycing) and black bags (mainly rubbish and date-expired food from the fridge) also to the amenity centre. I have hoovered the house before my wife came home and lit some candles to make it smell nice. I have even dusted under the TV!!

I also did something for  the community and the general population whilst at the same time assisting my diet. Apparently a pint of blood (or should I say 450ml - 500ml as it is called these days) must weigh about a pound, or maybe a little more. So donating a pint (500ml) of my O neg blood has reduced my weight by about 1 pound. Apparently, restocking the body also uses abut 600 calories so that should also bode well for my weigh in later today.

Meanwhile more changes at the Blood Letting site. 45 years ago it was a fairly simple thing to give blood. In the meantime we have gone around in circles with the use of anaesthetic for the pin prick, the computerisation of the declaration, the drinking of a pint of water before the donation, the squeeze of the  stick - to no squeeze of anything - to the squeeze of the bandage that will later be used to cover the pin prick where the blood is taken. Now you have to have a plaster for the finger and a bandage for the arm. But the interesting innovation today was the bucket seats that you now sit in. They have only been in use for two days by the Llanelli team so they were not too sure how to work them - but we all got on together well.

Seems a company called the Renfrew Group have master minded this as a result of the problem of donors fainting when giving blood. (sounds a little like a TV programme with Tim Roth - lie to me)
However some 950 units have been rolled out ...

the blood collection thing automatically rolls back and forth to keep the blood flowing - though I found the arm rest not quite in the right place - but that is me being picky.

But it allows you to sit in it normally and then it tips you back for position.
And apparently they all come to pieces for easy moevement and storage - Grand Designs!!

Oh!! and they do not make you take 10 minutes lie down afterwards any more - but thankfully the tea is still available - though the biscuits looked very tempting but i managed to resist!

So on the subject of health reforms...
Thanks to Jon Bliss:
The British Medical Association has weighed in on the proposed health care reforms:The Allergists have voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists have advised not to make any rash moves.The Gastroenterologists have a gut feeling about it, but the Neurologists think the government have a lot of nerve.The Obstetricians feel they are labouring under a misconception, while Ophthalmologists consider the idea short-sighted.Pathologists have come out strongly declaring, 'Over my dead body', while the Paediatricians said 'Oh Grow up'.The Psychiatrists think the whole idea is madness, while the Radiologists can see right through it.Surgeons are fed up with the cuts and have decided to wash their hands of the issue. ENT specialists won't swallow the proposals and just won't hear about it.Pharmacologists think that it is a bitter pill to swallow, whilst Plastic Surgeons have observed, 'that this puts a whole new face on the matter'.The Podiatrists think it is a big step forwards, but the Urologists are pissed off with the whole idea, whilst the Anaesthetists think the whole idea is a gas. Meanwhile, the Cardiologists don't have the heart to say no.In the end, the Proctologists won out, leaving the entire decision to the arseholes in London

So duties done and no longer home alone  ...

Meanwhile - there is an election today ... I will treat myself with a diet coke while I restrain my excitement as the result come in tonight....

If Facebook is anything to go by  then the turnout should be higher than normal - we shall see...

See you in the morning...

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