Wednesday, 28 June 2017

28th June 2017 - Busy it is !! Back to the Studio!

Thought for the day:" I just got a birthday card, opened it & rice went everywhere. It was from Uncle Ben! "

Grey day again.
Been a busy week. Allied Masonic Degree on Monday (in the Chair). Red Cross of Constantine yesterday ( Treasurer, 1st Aide de Campe, and Organist!). Scarlet Cord Installation (Deputy District Director of Ceremonies)  and Secret Monitor (Nothing - just a guest!!) today in Pembroke - Have to keep busy.

Need to pop into town to pay in the dues from the meeting last night into the Bank and refresh the Tea which we seem to be very short of. Surprising how much more tea I drink at the moment !!

Then back into the Studio to finish Black Pearl and look at Valeria of Mythodea...

Am having some positive critique from my daughter Bethan now - which is good - as it allows another person to listen and give an honest view... "the drums are out on this one" (not surprising as I am not a drummer) - "there is a pause there" (probably knew that but couldn't hear it)  so that is good!

Luckily, the system allows different sections to be re-recorded at will.

So 28DayD
2 more to go :)

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