Sunday, 5 January 2014

5th January 2014 - On Flying Pigs and Viking Kittens

As I sat here pondering, a thought occurred to me...

"If a flying pig loses its voice - is it highly disgruntled?"

Not an important thought, but one appropriate to the flying pig emblems of the Pigsmayfly webpages and the Vollsanger heritage of the worst jokes.

An early call this morning from the Sheltered accommodation in Burry Port, Plas y Mor. Arnold, my father in law was en route to Prince Phillip hospital with breathing difficulties. Sadly, there is very little you can do at 7 o'clock in the morning when you know that the ambulance will take some time to get there, and then there will be couple of hours for assessment. But once wakened, with a cup of tea, there seems little point in going back to bed. I will accept that I am not an early riser under most circumstances. Don't get me wrong, when we have had an event to go to or a specific reason to be up, it is rare that the alarm is required. Though it may be fair to say that I occasionally work on automatic early on, the rising is not a problem

But in normal circumstances these days, it is more likely that 9am or 9.30 is a good time to stir the stumps...

But this morning I am at the machine, looking at the neat and tidy pile of accounts that have been nagging away at me since November - which are at least in a neat and tidy pile now. Managed to clear the e-mails yesterday. Managed to sort the accounts into that pile.. And they are looking at me accusingly as I write the blog, rather than actually start them.

Which is why I thought of flying pigs!!

And that of course reminded me of Viking Kittens..  Why??  Just because that is the way my mind works.

It should be said that the whole issue of Viking Kittens is strange. Why would anyone want to animate a group of kittens in Viking Helmets, on a boat, singing "The Immigrant Song". I have no idea. But it obviously caught on. However, when looking for the links I was unable to find any. Only a Youtube upload which was not very good quality. So, a search through my hard drive works wonders and there it was...  Saved from obscurity and now shared here..  Well not here as such - but via the link to the Pigsmayfly Website..

Shameless plug ??  Yes !!!

Waiting on a call from the hospital ...   The Pile is staring at me......

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