Wednesday, 15 January 2014

15th January - Half way through the first month - Long time to be idle

Wednesday - half way through the week. They do say that if M  is for Monday and T is for Tuesday it makes sense that the rest of the week spells WTF. The weekend would be all at sea I suppose with an SS.
But half way through the week and half way through the first month.
A second viewer for the house is due this afternoon - so I suppose we will be rushing around the house trying to gather the dog hair - Rusty is shedding like a sheep!! and tidying up and de-cluttering. There is a limit to how much you can de-clutter and I have serious concerns for the condensation in the garage - which may be getting all our collected boxes damp....

Oh well - it is the same with the storage container I suppose - we have not seen the contents for 5 years - so have no idea what is there - well other than the jig saws that we want to retrieve for the grand children.

But though the rain is still incessant and the temperature is fairly mild, and there is still no news from the hospital, a giant step for the household - both accounts AND tax return completed yesterday.... Haven't posted the tax return - thought best to check it through in the cold light of the day - but the bulk is done and the sums seem to make some sort of sense. Still have a few days and it is only a case of pressing the "send" button to file it ......

Thought for the day :
"How deep would the ocean be if there were no sponges?"

So, a day of preparation for the visit, and sorting out the dining for a meeting in Cardigan this evening. Probably am not the best choice for treasurer, but I am sure that I will sort it all out in the end... Guessing at numbers and prices...  but what could possibly go wrong?  Well  .. let's not go down that road !!

Put together another cover picture, based upon a Valhalla picture this time. Decided to change the cover once a week and see what other ones I could draw during the rest of the time.  So this will be next week's Facebook image. Also started a Vollsanger "Like" page - but have not advertised it at all until I decide what I want to put on it ....

So...  tummy rumbling - must be time for breakfast ...

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