Wednesday, 22 January 2014

22nd January 2014 - Home Alone Diaries - Day 1

A nice early start allowed Susie to get up and out early to travel up to look after the Grandchildren for a couple of days. That of course involved me getting up to get the cup of tea and let the girls out of the chicken coup - on egg this morning, sort the dogs and be available to carry stuff.. all with the option on being able to go back to bed afterwards...

Somehow, that option does not seem as appealing as it used to - maybe an age thing - i shall review it as time goes by. Left to myself I shall probably sleep until late in the morning - but I seem to stir at about 7.25am most days and manage to go back for an hour - but then be willing to get up and stay up. this is a trend that I do not really approve of. I am nit going to bed any earlier in the evening - though to be fair O do often take an afternoon siesta.

But today was not a day to go back to bed... Some paperwork and some webwork seems to have taken most of the day. Susie got to her destination by about 1pm which was fair timing, and an update on the twitter links to websites and web updates took much of the day. Fully intended to take a nap in the afternoon - but the dogs persuaded me that it was already 6pm and their need for dinner was greater than my need for sleep - so I had some heinz spaghetti on toast  - yum..

So, little really to do except head off to the Llanelli Folk club t try out some of my own songs on an unwitting public..   Ron and Paula turned up with Eileen - so the Empty Shed Experience were there to try out their new material - and as a result my chosen set was torn up ...   Went for "Do Virgins Taste better" and a request for the Auctioneer instead. Also went for Sir Cadawyr, and Maid when you're young - if only to try to keep the rowdy ladies at the back quiet....

Empty Shed were great as usual - with excellent harmonies and some really lovely guitar work from Ron Savory  playing in DadGad tuning. 

Normal crowd were there and a good time had by all ..

Back in the domicile now - and chilled for the night..

Tomorrow is another day ..    Glass of scotch before bed ....    Cheers...

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