Sunday, 26 January 2014

26th January 2014 - Sunday : Web Updates proceeding

The Blog now has a new look. As January comes to an end and we are a year from the start of the Sale of the Crimson Moon, it is now time to take away the Crimson Moon backing and think about the new marketing images.

The background is now blue with flying pigs - a hark back to the original concept "In a Wonderful World - Anything is possible - even Pigs May Fly!"

This is now standard across Twitter, Tumblr, and the Blog for background images.

Also, the calendar is now holding the same theme, and has some potential dates and commitments. Starting to organise for the year.

A new song for the end of January: Your Gambeson is too long!! I have been enjoying the open Mike sessions at Llanelli, and "Monkey Meic" did a lovely version of the Procol Harum Song "Homburg", which just called out to be changed....  Full text is on the updated Vollsanger Song Book. Quite like this one - though concept to recording and upload was less than two hours!!

Deviant art now holds the Cover Page Images from the Facebook 52 week challenge...  and the new business cards have been printed with the QR image on the reverse of the card. Now only need to find someone with a smart phone to see if it works and lists the website properly.

New Polo shirt, baseball cap and wallet ordered with new logos - so all moving forward in the Marketing World.

So as the rain continues for another day - and the weather forecast is for a cold snap to follow, we spent a little time in the flat sorting out some clothes and Susie emptied the Kitchen. Worked on some Probate papers and started the tax forms for the Probate. Things moving slowly forward...

And on a lighter note- another amusing link found today as I browsed the web ...

This ill do as the thought of the day for today...

And on the subject of weddings, the age old problem of removing rings when the fingers swell up seems to be made a little easier as a result of this little gem upon the web..

So, Monday tomorrow. Possibly and early night and a fresh start in the morning ..

Cheers !!

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