Saturday, 18 January 2014

18th January 2014 - Saturday - probably should have gone to bed....

Yes it is evening and Yes it is raining... No change there !! The Chickens are put away safely and despite the fact that they should have stopped laying weeks ago - they managed another two eggs today ..

The morning started well with a meeting of the Order of Athelston across the road and a degree of trepidation as I was consecrating the new eminent prior and had not really concentrated as much time as I would wish upon the ceremonial learning.  Happily a colleague decided to take the last chunk of the storyline - a pretty hefty analysis of early cosmology, which left me to concentrate on the parts I had managed to learn - and the day went well..

A high point of course was where I was to present the book of ritual to the new  eminent prior, and looked down and found a number of ritual books  - I said " I now present to you Ritual 2 of the order" and as I looked - I simply said " I am sure it is the Green One !!"  Now, not many people in my fraternity have any real concept of the songs and entertainment I do in my other alter- egos, but I could not ignore the snort that came from one of the back benches as I mentioned "The Green One"

Maybe .. One Day .. the fame of the Green One will transcend all boundaries...

What can I say ??

The morning turned into the afternoon and it seemed churlish to leave too early...  Afternoon turned into evening.. Seems wrong to start drinking wine when you are already sampling the whisky...

Maybe turn the telly on for a late night program of some form ...  Glass empty ?? 
Oh!!   Better fill it ..



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