Monday, 27 January 2014

27th January 2014 - They weren't Hamsters!!!

Alright - on 25th January I confessed that there was a slight mixup between my powers of recognition in the field of Garden (though not Mountain) Greenery. The minor distinctions that keep Brussels Sprout different from sprouting broccoli. I do not think that this is a great problem - but I am a minority of one in the family home..  It was with more confidence that I went back to my strengths, my songs, my photography and my digital manipulations which provide me with moments of enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

My 52 Week challenge to keep a fresh image on my facebook cover - changing every Monday is progressing nicely into Week 5 ..

And a lovely picture it was  - all the logo requirements - the Flying Pig, the Jovial Bard with the guitar, the "Here all Week" slogan, a touch of purple to provide a variation from the incessant Green links.  The creature in armour - the "oh isn't it sweet!" image made for viral distribution. The clever title "Ride an Armoured Hamster"...    and then it all went a little wrong...

Oh there were the normal "likes" and the few supportive comments and then ... Disaster..

A comment came in - ( in parenthesis ) - PSST - Its a Guinea Pig ....

Umm...   What can you do ?  It is clearly a Guinea Pig. A hamster fits in a child's hand ( the net tells me) and therefore would be entirely unsuitable to wear armour (I worked that out myself).
But it is Week 5 of 52 .. It is already labelled so has to stay there.  Research tells me I am not alone in being unable to tell the various differences of these palpably different species, but then there are billions who follow Justin Bieber.  Obviously, Richard Gere would not have attempted to insert a guinea pig into his nether regions - far too big - though it now seems that there was a question as to whether it was a hamster or a gerbil - but I do not want to complicate the issue any more. I never thought it was a gerbil in armour. That would be silly !

My best solution was to ride with the story - for if it were a Role Play Guinea Pig, it may well decide to role play a beast creature different to itself  - and then the armour becomes more plausible..  Clearly covering over 75% of the body mass - for those armour specialists in some of my systems !!  Tenuous - but I have seen major plot based upon less considered concepts.

Indeed, my first association with hamsters would have been upon the riverbank - with Hammy Hamster and Roddy Rat - and their little boat and gentle commentary by Johnny Morris...  No sign of any armour there, though the motor boat worked well. But GP was a Guinea Pig !!
Preferred the black and white early videos but they do not seem to load upon this blog... You will have to search them out yourselves..

So, Brussel Sprouts are not Brocolli. Hamsters are not Guinea Pigs. And sad to say - you should always read the label on the flour - cos if it says "Gluten Free White Flour" it does not rise in the bread machine the way real flour does. Unleavened bread for toast tomorrow I think. I blame the Gerbil.

Not my best of days today !!

Perhaps a small night cap - Cheers !

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