Tuesday, 14 January 2014

14th January 2014 - One big job out of the way ...

Sadly, after a couple of months it was much easier to ignore the growing pile of statements and letters that sit in the empty wine boxes..  Yes you heard right. If you take a wine box from your standard supermarket, and drink all the wine ( naturally) - then take a pair of scissors to the top - then you can furnish yourself with a fine filing box with a handy handle for pulling in and out of a shelf....  try it and see!!!

I have many of them - it is more useful to put the box to use rather than have to recycle the bottles. 
On a side note someone posted some recipes for left over wine the other day. I had to post "What is Left over Wine??"  Seems a strange concept to me...

But back to the wine box filing utensils, crammed with six months of statements and general information.. 
I managed to sort through them a few times and re-arrange them neatly - but in the end it really came down to getting up a little earlier and sitting and ploughing through the list and transferring the information. Its not really that I manage the accounts and home finances any better, it is much more that I record where all the money has gone, but it does give a small degree of satisfaction and a belief that you may, even in a small way, be in control of your life.....   Being in  wine box helps!!!

But as the darkness grew this evening and the chickens voluntarily returned to their Chicken Coup to get out of the rain I finally reached the last of the statements and added the last of the entries onto the financial package that I use.. Quicken.... Quicken is a bit of a misnomer on its own. I do not think it quickens anything, though it does remember transactions and tries to fill them in for you - not always successfully !!

So, the last six months household matters have been re-arranged and sorted. Bills paid and credit cards swapped to best options. Will be pretty good until the next set of bills come in..

So, from the Sunday List, another small number has been taken off...  

Better think about the tax return now ....

Thought for the day :  

"The Whole Universe - with one trifling exception - is composed of others"

Meanwhile - I reached my 45,000 hits ion Youtube - maybe with the help of this post ...

But we are there now .....   Cheers !!!

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