Saturday, 25 January 2014

25th January 2014 - They weren't Brussel Sprouts!!!!

Oh dear!!
Not home alone any more - but definitely in the dog-house.
The episode with the egg was bad enough - but at least I thought that I had managed the basics - like feeding the animals and looking after the house....


This is the stalk nicely laid out for the girls to chew on - they really thought it was nice. I though it was a good idea and though I was going to get brownie points for initiative... This is the stalk where I chopped it -

You can see that they were impressed. It was a neat cut, and involved doing something with the egg - but that was the other story.... But was a clear case of initiative....

Important note to self  - this is sprouting broccoli - which has been growing for 18 months and is just coming to the stage where it is ready to be harvested. More important note to self - this is Susie's favourite vegie stuff - ever in the whole world - ever!!  and she has been looking forward to coming home to use it... Extra Important note to self - It is meant to look straggly and moth eaten and well past its sell by date - that is what a fine specimen should look like - do not read a plant by its leaves !!

Equally important note to self - This is Sprouts. Also a favourite of Susie - but allowable under remote conditions to be fed to the chickens. Extremely important note to self - "THERE IS APPARENTLY A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO PLANTS" ......

This is a chicken - You do not feed prized Sprouting Broccoli to this bird!"!! 

Or any of these either ( apparently )

It seems that under dire circumstances I may in future be allowed to cross the road and pick a cabbage to feed the chickens. Between you and me I think I will be safer emulating Delft and staying the other side of the gate and letting them get on with it ..

Home alone for short time . She-who-plants-the-garden-and-must-be-obeyed has gone to the shops now. Not sure if I will be fed or not !!! In the future I will try to ensure that the closest I get to Broccoli will be a James Bond Film...   On twitter they would probably say #inthedoghouse 

It is little compensation that they were both Green Ones!!!