Saturday, 4 January 2014

4th January 2014 - Ghosts or Spirits?

Well, the estate agent finally called and had a viewer for us - apparently the sign on the front of the house worked as they were not the sort of people to go on-line ( they said). Actually I am a little surprised that the sign has survived the storms of the last few days. The Prom at Aberystwyth has gone I am told and half of that town is evacuated... We had a few claps of thunder and some spectacular lightning and winds and rain that shook the house.

Aberystwyth Promenade
We had to move the car yesterday afternoon as the wind kept rocking the vehicle so hard that the car alarm went off - twice....

But, for whatever reason - they came to view the house at 2pm - which meant that we had to be up at 9am to get the house "sort of" clear for viewing.....   Not the easiest when we still have the tree up and that means that the dining table is in the middle of the room not the bay window - and ... well you get the idea... As we look around - I know that our lives are in boxes spread throughout the house and garden and storage container - but it still looks a little cluttered!!!

But we now have a clean house - and the garden path is hosed down and the back yard is disinfected ..

And so they came and they looked  - don't think they were that interested - but they were the first to look ... and apparently we were their first house to look at....

And it makes you wonder what people are looking for - and what they might see...  You can see all sorts of things in Llanelli it seems...

Information released by the Dyfed-Powys Police  shows how officers has been called six reports of ghostly goings on in Llanelli over the last three years.
And during the same time period they have also attended four reports of the paranormal.
This included a caller who reported that they had been abducted by aliens, experimented on, then returned to earth.
Despite the nature of the calls, officers have headed out in response to the incidents which make up some of the 277 received across forces in England and Wales.
But Llanelli has been no stranger to the world of the paranormal — there are many other stories of ghostly goings-on in Llanelli.
These include Parc Howard Mansion, which a nurse and a First World War soldier are said to haunt.
Stradey Woods has also been said to have ghostly activity, where different sightings have been reported, including one of a jogger dressed in old-fashioned clothing who ran “through” walkers. They later discovered a runner was killed on that road by a car in the 1930s.
In Pembrey, several reports of ghostly ships at Cefn Sidan have been made, along with ghostly sightings at Pembrey County Park, which also has a history of sightings.
And at the Halfway Hotel, the legend tells how glasses apparently smash for no reason and there are tales of a ghostly train driver who stands at the bar.
Research shows a railway line used to run through there.
At Cilymaenllwyd, servant bells which weren’t connected were heard ringing and the top floor is said to be haunted by a woman and child.
Two phantom stagecoaches are said to run through Llanelli — one from Trimsaran, which goes down past the Farriers, has been reported by motorists, and legend has it that at midnight on New Year’s Eve, Thomas Stepney’s funeral coach starts in Parc Howard and goes down past the Parish Church.
At Machynys, tales of a ghostly young girl with a lamp and figures of monks in habits have reportedly been seen.
And Gwendraeth Valley exorcist Irene Allen paid a visit to The Vine pub in Station Road believing it was haunted by a spirit.
We used to have a ghost in Old Surveyor's - our old house - was a friendly one we reckoned......

This house?? No I don't think so .. I think there are only spirits - and I will drink to that !!!

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