Monday, 4 November 2013

4th November 2013 - Coughs and Creations

A hacking cough that does not want to go away. A TV advert that says "Carrying a mucous cough around all day is exhausting!" Yes - I accept that!!  A call to the doctor first thing this morning and the telephone roulette works well for once and I get through in a couple of minutes and achieve a 10am appointment.

Walking through the cold morning air and the cough comes to excess and stops me walking a couple of times as I hack away. Ten minutes in the surgery and of course all symptoms have completely disappeared. Chest and lungs obviously completely clear, so an examination of the nasal spray that I am using meets his approval - "Carry on with that and see what happens"

Some antibiotics that are on prescription ( free in Wales !)  but not used because the infection did not go down on my chest, might be useful as a secondary infection...  

So - a visit to the Doc and not much to see for it really !! After getting back to the house - the cough of course has not stopped. May be something to do with the house - cannot be sure!!

A day inside seemed the best answer and the heating once more came on this afternoon ... but the cough does not seem to have dissipated....   Used the spray again - but is meant to be used only twice a day..

Seemed a good time to sit at the video editing suite and see what I could do with the October 2013 Lazarus Carpenter Sunday Sessions at Laugharne - the Brown's Hotel...

Lazarus specialises in the tales of Penygraig, the death and murder of Morgan by Dai - a well documented murder case.....   Here we have "Hawk on the Moor" the tale of Rachael meeting Morgan for the first time..

The second in the series relates to the meeting of Dai and Morgan ..  "Poacher on the Rock!!!"

Glass or two of Chateau 41 .... Susie thinks I may be allergic to her wine.. I have decided to try and break through the barrier.....  Grouse is £15 a bottle at Tesco !!!


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