Friday, 29 November 2013

29th November 2013 - Of more Boxes - no not mine this time !!

Seems to me that boxes have been a main theme throughout this year, ever since I started trying to clear the basement way back in January ...  But only yesterday I saw a fascinating piece of carpentry, that really caught my, and many other's imagination.  Posted on the Europlan Blog, and shamelessly stolen for this blog, it reminds me of the early days of LARP, when, faced with the prospect of our first ever camping in costume, Susie designed and built the Agnes Travelling Bed...  A full size pine bed that came to pieces and could easily be stored and travel...   This is how it started...

And this is how it finished...

This was my glamorous assistant in the back garden when it was completed. And the bed has stood us in good stead for many years, and certainly been as comfortable as any bed other than our water bed at home.

But now, we come to a different class of carpentry methinks.....

just a box really - nicely made...

nice fittings - 

handles to help move it - it might be quite heavy 

even a lock

and matching clasps...

and inside??

neatly stacked

with some ornate edging

can you see what it is yet ?

more pieces

and folding bits

clever clasps though

adds support in the right places

and fixed

like this - take out the bar

and the handles come right off

ready to unfold 

taking shape

yup - you got it 

its a folding bed

with struts and everything

proper supports

all fitted nicely

now we are getting there

the final thing

just needs a mattress

there you go

time for bed said Zebedee!!
So, as we come to the end of another month, it seems that the subject of boxes comes around in circles....

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