Saturday, 16 November 2013

16th November 2013 - And what is a Twonker ???

A Saturday...  A day where I had thought I would have a nice quiet meeting in the morning. No duties! No job to do! No learning required. But all was a little different when I got  across to the hall!

Sadly, the current secretary sees me and informs me that his wife has called in with some chest pains!! Hoping that I can find out that everything is good later.. But...  That means that they needed a secretary, and the dining hall set up, and the name places put out, and the bar set up, and the minutes read and the accounts sorted....

So, a quiet start to the day gets a little complicated. Luckily, or otherwise, a decision had already been made that we would not travel to the south coast family visiting today - but rather spend a day gathering strength - and travel tomorrow Sunday!!

Meanwhile!!   A message from Nancy shows that she managed to cook up the stock as Susie had taught her, and after two hours she decided to strain it through the collander.. Sadly - seems she forgot to add the jug underneath and managed to lose her stock !!!

On hearing this - Susie immediately exclaimed " What a Twonker !!"  I don't actually know what a "Twonker" is - but I really like the idea and concept...

I think I shall use it in the future...

On other news, Princess Anne has decided that it may be better to eat horses and ensure that they are properly looked after. Was it wrong for me to suggest that as she had always resembled a horse there was a a certain irony in the expression !!!!

Not much else happening today... Maybe a glass of Grouse!!

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