Monday, 18 November 2013

18th November 2013 - Of cars and Consternation

Well!!  Having finished yesterday's blog with a picture of a badly parked car in Morrison's Car Park, and posting onto Facebook as a start of an occasional gallery of people who show little respect for others, I have had an interesting succession of comments and "Likes"...

I am also a little surprised by the reaction by some of my friends and colleagues that suggest a key down the side would be appropriate. Don't get me wrong - I think that the actions of the driver are inexcusable and shameful - and I do spend a lot of time where execution and beheading is a good solution to bad manners.. but criminal damage as a punishment?? Have we come to that in society now??

I think I was right to decide to live in the 13th Century - I prefer it here !!

Sadly, a quick look onto the net shows that Ty Mawr and Crumble Cottage - the farm is now under offer... That is a pity - but there will be others !!!

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