Wednesday, 13 November 2013

13th November 2013 - Walking Dogs and Waiting

So another day goes by and the stark realisation that houses are not moving at the moment. Even with a sign up at the front of the house, there is no movement, and waiting by the phone is a pointless activity, even if I am sitting by the computer anyway....

So, venturing out for a quiet walk with the dogs along the coastal path, keeping a look out for Delft to make sure that she is not pounced on by Rusty's over enthusiastic playing. Once again, it seems that he only is interested in bullying her after being held back to heel for a while - passing other dogs , a van , or some cyclists.  Other than that he is quite happy plodding along and sniffing.

A fairly bright day, though quite cold. The weather is suggesting a really cold snap is on its way in - so I spent some time trying to bleed the radiators. After thinking about attempting a "let to Mortgage" on the house - I think it would be pointless. Someone buying will want to change the central heating - or at least service it and risk the boiler being condemned. If I were to let the building - the tenants would expect a central heating system that worked through out the house which would be an expense that I would not really want to delve into on a house that I was trying to get rid of. Sadly, my chances of raising the money for the new smallholding is very slim at the present.

But on the other hand - I won the Premium Bonds again !!   £25 but that is quite a few during this year - certainly more than I would have been getting by putting the money into the back or building society.

So another MOvember day - and the moustache is getting a little raggedy and uneven. May have to start trimming soon. My mother reckons that I look like Uncle Enoch - and I sort of recall a gentleman with a Mr Pastry moustache calling at High Rock.
 Had my first sponsorship of £5 however - so off the ground as far as collection is concerned. Though my initial decision was to grow it as a sign of support for the Charity of Prostrate Cancer, and to support those doing it for the first time - rather than collecting myself.

Managed to get to a meeting in Carmarthen, playing the organ, but found that I could not park the Bothy in the Ivy Bush hotel - far too busy, with one small space available which I would never get the bus into - so due to the height barriers on the other car parks - had to drive up to the main St Peter's Car park - meaning that I was 5 minutes late after walking back through the rain. Sadly- that meant that, being a small meeting with no candidate, they had decided to throw the bolt across the inner door and go into the main hall - leaving me in the vestibule - and thankfully out of the rain - banging on the door - hoping for someone to hear!!  Well 35 minutes later, someone finally came out - well - the meeting was almost over after all !!! So got into the hall just in time to give my apologies ( and slight criticism for the locked door), play the organ for the collection and the closing hymn..  Well, I wasn't staying anyway, as I had been out the night before and would be out tomorrow - so a quick turn around and back to the telly, where I finally decided to make use of the Sky Box Set options - and watched two episodes of Doctor Who to get back into the spirit if the New Doctor, and the well vaunted 50th Anniversary on November 23rd.. I wonder if the Doctor will be sporting a Moustache ??

I did find this in the net though - made me laugh....  Cheaper on the inside I believe  !!
See you same time - same space tomorrow ...

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