Sunday, 17 November 2013

17th November 2013 - Brightly down to Barton...

An early morning call, as Eileen had sadly not had a good evening and needed the doctor. Plans for an early trip down to Barton on Sea in time for a Sunday carvery all changed with that phone call, and new plans were required.  Susie to Eileen and the hospital and me to the South coast.

So with a swap over of cars and logistics, it was the M4 again !!!...  Strange how in the course of only a couple of weeks, ( mainly secluded in my  nest while recovering from my version of Man-Flu ) winter has really come into being. The trees were mainly still green only a few days ago - but now the russets and browns and bare branches were the most to be seen. Well - through the drizzle and the spray !!

The day started with a trip around the shops for the latest bonuses. Farm Foods with diet coke cans at 48 for £13. A price that seems very high but since in the last 7 months cola has gone from £6.75 for 24 up to £9.99 everywhere it amounts to quite a reduction. With the £2.50 off if you spend over £25 as well - the total cost of 96 cans came down to £23.50.   Bonus - however boring !!!

Meanwhile, Morrison's are running their 2 litre diet coke for 3 for £3. That brings it back to £1 each again - so an opportunity to stock up. Well just a bit - a half dozen on this occasion. I shall have to stock up when I get back. There will be a smaug store of diet coke hidden in the basement when I get back methinks....

So, with the prospect of travelling 186 miles with far too much diet cola, the Sat Nav wouldn't fit into the cigarette lighter fitting!!...  So a quick trip home allowed the weight to be transferred and at last the journey could commence.

Sat Nav wants to go via the Main roads - 208 miles but 3 and a half hours. I go for the Salisbury route and 178 miles - should be more economic. Interestingly, as we head for the Bathampton Toll Bridge Daphne is sure that we will only save 4 minutes by taking the toll. As it happens it takes 9 minutes to get through the traffic jams - and 70p for the trouble. Will try going through Bath next time methinks...

If you get the chanced - please avoid the services that are situated not far from Salisbury on the main road!!   They are about the only main services on the route down south, and as you drive into the huge lorry park behind - the whole place seems somehow a little squalid. There is a Travel Lodge, and a Little Chef  but the doorway entrance is not really very clear so you walk in through the Little Chef looking for the toilets....  And it all looks a little like a 50's holiday Camp - a general feeling of grubbiness and lack of care. And when yo get to the toilets, with the usual sign affixed to the exteriors saying how much the management are interested in the hygene, you are faced inside with toilet cubicles with no toilet seats. There are lids - oh yes!!  But the seats have been removed or damaged and destroyed....  As my father-in-law would say "Unbelievable!!!!"

Arriving in Barton, having eaten on the way down - Elven Travelling food of Pork pies and Crisps washed down with Diet Coke !!! I find that the decision that they should eat at lunch time with the carvery, in case I arrived too late, has not been properly communicated and they are ready to head for dinner. Oh well, I can manage a pint while I watch them eat and then back to the house to set up the new lap top.

Oh, and a last thought, I have decided to start a new gallery - probably on Facebook or something similar - certainly on this blog.
This gallery is concerning those people who are so selfish as to park in car parks in such a manner as to take up far more space than they should. I think it is time to name and shame - and since I had the camera with me - this seems like a good start .

Morrison's Car Park - Llanelli - Sunday November 17th 2013...
nice one !!
 So, in company with my Father in Law - it's a nice glass of Teachers from him and a glass of teachers from me !!!   Night...

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