Saturday, 30 November 2013

30th November 2013 - If at first you don't succeed -

So another month comes close to the end, and we approach December and the last month of 2013...
Many things happen in a year, and it is always possible to look back and see the good times, and consider where things may have gone better..
But to put things into context, consider the scene at a lonely harbour wall - where inadvertently a car drops over the side....  Simple idea!!  get a crane to pull it out...

Some people do not learn from their experiences it seems to me !!

Looking good ......


Well!! We won't do that again !!!

Yes - that's the way to do it !!!

Steady !!!

Now - just the crane to go ....


Now - Guess what is going to happen next !!!
So - If at first you don't succeed, in some cases there may be a case for re-evaluating !!!

Early start tomorrow - playing the organ in Macclesfield!!  5am start ...  Don't like early mornings!!!!
Cup of coffee  - and bed !!!

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