Wednesday, 30 April 2014

30th April 2014 - Home Alone Diaires 8 - And off to LARP!

Thought for the day : "The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people"

I'm not saying I am smart or dumb. There are many who look at my hobby, running through the woods wielding a large axe and sitting drinking in a medieval tavern and wonder why I do it. I often refer them to some of my photograph albums where a number of very fetching young ladies appear, but that is not the only reason. It is a good opportunity to escape the daily news stories that are getting more depressing every day. I used to switch the news on and thought that 24 hour news coverage was the best thing, as whenever I tunred on - I could get a full update of the current situation. Of course that was before I could turn on at any time of the day and see the same rubbish. That was when I was vaguely interested in what was being displayed. That was also in the days before the news media felt that they had to fill the vacant hours with that strange thing
that they call "vox pox"

I don't know who first decided that viewers might be interested in the drivelling comments of people who have no idea what is going on - but forced with a camera and microphone under their nose to utter some inconsequential opinion - normally formed through the tenor of the targeted question - or the desire to sound "clever".  Whoever it was - they should be the first against the wall when the revolution comes as they have spoiled almost every news program that I care to watch these days. It is bad enough that they will drag out some "expert" from the recesses of suburbia or academia - but to provide an equal stage for some poor shopper on the high street  beggars belief..

I did not object too much when it all started on That's Life, when the question was irrelevant and funny and the purpose was amusement and humour....  Even if Esther Ransom was the spokesperson - at least she started Childline and had the sense to realise when it could not survive on its own and partnered with the NSPCC.

No, there may be smart people out there - but they are not likely to appear on my 24 hour news programmes.  I re-discovered radio instead ! In fact I discovered internet radio and the fun of posting ion facebook while the programme is ongoing - just drivel, but local drivel and drivel funny and relevent to me ..
Music remains a large part of my life.
Sadly, cannit find a key to tune my autoharp anywhere and had to succumb to Amazon for purchase. Do not expect it to be delivered till after the Bank Holiday  weekend sadly. I shall attempt the use of a monkey wrench  and electronic tuner. It is a project as I sit in the woods wondering whether I will enjoy just Roleplaying an event after so many years running the bars and roleplaying form there.

An old friend offered to run up some extra "monster" tunics and I promised her a bottle of Mead for her trouble. She used to play a character called Dari, and to give her her due I decided to rebadge the bottle for her ..

We may not be smart - but we enjoy ourselves - and I will have the opportunity of 4 days away from the box ....  When I return I shall not be home alone any more...

Finished the hoovering and the polishing and washing the floors, Decided to do it last thing before I left - otherwise I would have messed it up again. Still haven't packed - maybe I will just pile everything into the Bothy and work it out when I get there - sounds like a plan   ..
May as well have a glass of "41"

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