Tuesday, 29 April 2014

29th April 2014 - Home Alone Diaries 7 - Chicken can look after themselves

Thought for the day: "I was never over-weight, just under-tall. The correct height for my weight at the moment is seven feet ten and a half inches."

It was not intentional really - but leaving the house at 5pm to get the rooms ready for a meeting this evening meant that the dogs had to be fed early. That was not a problem for them. In fact I get the distinct impression that they thought it was a very positive move in the right direction. I did not get the incessant and plaintive "woof!" every five minutes and the bowls are certainly getting cleared a lot quicker these days..

No, it was not the dogs at all.. The Greenhouse was closed early but then it was not that warm today though we had a fair amount of sunshine...  The Seedlings were watered in the Sewing /Sowing room and even had a look at those on the patio - though they had they benefit of the rain the last few days..

No- it was the chickens - stubborn beasts that they are !  It was far too early for them to go to bed they decided and scattered all over the garden. Avoiding the sparse area where I had thought to add some grass seeds and re-fixed the fencing - but ti think that they feasted on all the seeds before the fence was fixed...
Scattering is a polite term..  One behind the pond, one behind the greenhouse, one clucking up and down the path dipping into the little gaps in the fence strategically placed not to allow me to clamber over in my morning suit.... and running out of time....

In the end it was a case of scattering some corn in the chicken coup - but they knew better!  Of yes.. They had sussed that one out... Let him throw a bit more in and then we can pick it all up later ... go in now and there will be nor more!!! 

And so it was that time ran out and I rushed across the road to my meeting - with the chickens running around the garden and the dogs replete upon the patio.....

9pm - it was not late to get back - but of course it was dark by now!  The blue solar light strings were shining nicely and the pink solar tree that I rescued with the power source from a cheap set of butterflies blazing gloriously....  Down to the Coup and there they all were - as though butter would not melt in their roasting pans...  calmly sitting on top of the hen house  having finished the spare corn  and settled for the night..

So that answers that question - They will put themselves to bed at night! Seems to me that the automatic door closer should be on the main coup and not the hen house which they do not use anyway ...  Then they coudl be let out each day while we are away... Oh well - not my decision - it would obviously be the wrong decision if I chose.. So more straw on the ground tomorrow so they have a nice dry bed for a couple of day away ... Seems as though Home Alone will stop on Friday - I shall travel to London on Thursday and keep the dogs for one night - and Susie will pick them up on Friday... 

Tomorrow will be a day to see if I can get around to some house work - some packing and some sorting for a weekend of LARP with Curious Pastimes... Vollsanger goes into the fray again - hope he survives!!!

In the meantime - managed a nice case of Platinum Port at a ridiculously low price.. Better have a glas of port then ?   Don't mind if I do !

Cheers !

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