Thursday, 17 April 2014

17th April 2014 - The Plot (ment) Thickens and annoying Beeps

Thought for the day : "If you are going to play Russian roulette, don't use an automatic .."

Thursday...  Early start to the day with a rehearsal in Carmarthen at 9am.. I did try to explain that I do not do mornings..  They are bad for my health!!   But in the end if this was the only time we could get people together, then it was more important to at least see how much work needs doing !

As it turned out we have a lot to do before we get to the meeting next Wednesday ....  Ho Hum !!

A trip around Carmarthen Tesco and the joy of finding that Whisky and Gin is at £15 a liter again - except of course that being not a very large Tesco store the Gin was already sold out!!! 

I have confirmed now that at least two or three of the stores have moved to the 1.5 liter coca cola bottles allowing an increase in price while appearing to give good value..  Pity I missed the offers on the 2ltr bottles in B&M - at 79p a bottle .. Sadly there is no way to get a car near to them so you are limited to what you can carry easily!!!

Heard an interesting comment this morning - it was about "Gog"'s  - that is North Waleans to others but could be as funny for any Northern people and is equally non - politically correct . But I though I might share it anyway ..
"Trouble with Northerners (Gog's) is that they are like Hemorrhoids...  If they come down but go back up again they are only an inconvenience - but if they come down and stay down then they are a pain in the ass!!!"    Sorry to any Northerner's  - but then again I come from Glasgow which is further North really !!

But Back to the Plotment!!

The grass is festooned with primrose, yellow and white and the occasional pink ...  Susie Potted one and put a small fluffy chicken in a pot for Eileen, after all it is Easter this weekend - Good Friday tomorrow !!!

But it is amazing how everything is growing so fast this year - after all the rain and wet of the winter....
The Plotment is really taking shape - cleared beautifully and cloches out and ground prepared...

But looking carefully we can see that things are growing...  I am no expert and therefore will not be offering any commentary of what is in each row (except where there is a large packet with pictures stuck at the end of the line..  and even then I am not confident..)
But there is Green Stuff there !!!

This is definitely something growing !!!
Look closely - here are some more !!!
Occasionally in groups....   ( I think these may be potatoes - but they do not look like oven chips yet!)
But here you can clearly see stuff coming up ...

So that is the end of my gardening column for this week ...  Sad to say - I shall probably be responsible for keeping this lot alive next week !!! That is  a scary thought!!

On the subject of Chickens - The latest batch of eggs (eaters this time) have been put into the incubator today.. This is pre-planning for Autumn Eating....

This year we have put this in the basement rather than the spare bedroom - I think this is a positive step in the right direction ...

There is also an electrical "Beeping - Something" in the room. Every few minutes it beeps in an annoying way. I though it was one or other of the computers - but not so .. I have crawled around the room on my knees trying to identify the source - but no luck so far..  It is just an annoying "Beep Beep"   - something warning that the batteries are going flat ??   But where??  we do have a lot of "stuff " in the room .. All ready for Ebay Sale .. Perhaps I should just sell an annoying Beep Beep Mystery Item.....

A day for a touch of drivel I think... I am 4 days behind on the Blogs...  plenty of material but no time to catch up .. Oh Well!!!     Since Whisky is £15 a liter I may as well lift a a glass!

Nos Da

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