Saturday, 12 April 2014

12th April 2014 - Travelling from West to East - From Light to darkness

Thought for the day: "A clean house is the sign of a broken computer !!"

Today is a busy day - early start and the challenge of parking the Bothy in busy Saturday morning city center back streets - to get to the meeting of Swayne's Eye - in the Order of Athelstan the first king of the English...
This is the fore-runner of the Provincial Meeting of the same Order in Freemasonry where I will once more be struggling with that most irritable of hymns "Be Still - for the presence of the Lord.."  a Hymn that no-one can sing properly and is difficult to play. I have a cunning plan though - I have transposed it into C majhor - no black notes !!!

Unfortunately, due to an error in diary management - I am also due in East Sussex to play for a 21st Birthday and one of the first LARP events of the year  and my first official Minstrel Booking (no pay it must be said!)

So I shall not be dining but heading up the motorway to get to site as soon as possible - ready to play...
As I cleaned out the Firdge in the Bothy today I found two bananas from our last week trip - still fresh but stinking the fridge out.. Apparently Bananas give off ethylene/ethene gas which serves as a plant hormone. Put your bananas close to your other plants to make them grow better or something ! But they make your fridge smell!!!   I think they are still edible - I shall munch them on my journey ..

And then off to the Green Cloaks Live Role Play System.. I have a character to develop - A Pilgrim of the Way .. A follower of the Temple of Charity -  a teller of tales and songs... 

Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to sing a few songs before I am killed ..

Wes shall see in the days to come ..
Meanwhile this is a brief post as I shall have no intertweb later tonight ..  

I shall however be looking forward to my delivery of 13 cases of Mead !!!  As they say in wales .. "Joyo!"

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  1. My experiences with over-ripe bananas is that they tend (onomatopoeically) to present not so much a 'munch' - but more of a 'squoosh'!