Monday, 21 April 2014

21st April 2014 - Easter Monday Bank Holiday

Thought for the day since it is a Bank Holiday  " Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?"  - just saying....

Easter Monday is a quiet time int he Sewell household. There is concern on the media that David Cameron (the prime minister of the moment)  has made some pro-Christian comments that is causing disruption or at least a new angle for a story... At 41 we have managed to escape the bunnies, the chuckie eggs and the chocolate..

Today, has been mainly sorting photos from the weekend..
A great weekend with friends and loved ones - and Adam and Charli deciding to renew their vows..

But this was a time for our own family as well. We do not get to see them very often, but this was a weekend for camping in the Bothy and the family had the "Palace" - their own special camping place with a blow up settee as well! 
 Nancy and Torren and an indication that the day would be full of sun. And so it was !

at the wedding ceremony, of course the Keens were there with sword at the ready - just in case it was required...
 While int he Crimson Moon, young Erin shows that she is going to be very photogenic as she grows...

While Big Darren. Wall to his old friends and Bubba to his newer acquaintances was sprung out of hospital for the day. Like Murdoch in the "A" Team, he was allowed out until 10pm and Stuart gallantly decided to provide him with his access and egress...

Sadly - I must decide to not button up my jacket - unless I get rid of a few more pounds ..
I thought I was just fat - man  - but was a little distraught to hear Susie claim that I was Benny Hill ..

Enough to drive anyone to drink
Scotch !!

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