Thursday, 5 December 2013

5th December 2013 - On the subject of Cheese...

Sitting at the computer at 8am, watching for the Telephone engineer to arrive sometime between 8am and 1pm. I am not really expecting him yet, but can guarantee that if I were to stay in bed he would arrive, call and depart before I got to the front door and charge me for a cancelled appointment. So I wait at the window, which gives me an opportunity to muse.

And the subject today is Cheese. Why? Mainly because I forgot to put it away in the fridge last night after a late evening snack of Tesco Crackers and Cheddar, mixed with a little Susie Home Made, the last of the current batch. There is another slab in the cupboard but I do not think it is ready yet - we are still turning it.
It is difficult to tell when it is ready, as it is covered in green wax - so I wait patiently until I am told that it is ready...

But I am not the only one in the family that enjoys Cheese. Rusty is not a real dog. He likes his morning biscuit, but he is not one for scraps. He will often turn his nose up at meat, crackling, fat, and all the other doggie goodies that he is meant to like...

But!!  Start to open some cheese anywhere in the house and he will practically crawl onto your lap in his enthusiasm...

He won't steal it - or at least I have not caught him doing so. But he will see how close he can get his nose, and it is fair to say that you can keep his undivided attention by close proximity. And, if you actually give him a piece he will be your friend for ever..
Who Me ??
I am not saying that he is a vegetarian. He eats his standard dog food and biscuit with a certain mild enthusiasm. But if you want to be his life long friend then give him some cheese...

Of course, cheese has fascinated people for many years. There is a website for Cheese -  This purports to tell you "Everything that you need and want to know about Cheese". It certainly appears to have an encyclopaedic set of links from taste and texture to origins. It also has the intriguing future link "Cheese Headlines" ( Coming Soon ). The mind boggles at what that may be... Apparently there is a Cheese of the day :

Cheese of the day:

King Island Cape Wickham Brie


A googling shows me that there is a British Cheese site! Apparently it is educational !!

  1. British Cheese Board - Welcome
    Welcome. The British Cheese Board is the voice of British cheese and is dedicated to educating the British public about eating cheese as part of a balanced diet.  
  2. Double Yum!!!
There are songs about cheese, as well as cheesy songs!!

And who could ever forget the Lionel Ritchie Classic..... 

But I think my favourite for the day is the Morman at the Door.........

And so, as the Cheese gets put back into the fridge, and the engineer is not yet here, and the dog has gone back to bed, because he can and because there is no cheese. And since I will have to go and start packing the van up for the weekend in the Castle - which just happens to be Caerphilly !!!
I will leave you with this image of another cheese fanatic....

Maybe a drop of port later ....   mmmm

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  1. . . . and there is even an adage about cheese: "It may be the early bird that catches the worm, but it is the SECOND mouse that gets the cheese!" Ouch!