Tuesday, 10 December 2013

10th December 2013 - On the subject of Dodos

It has been a year or so since I last trod the boards and tried my hand at Open Mike. The Llanelli Folk Club Xmas Party at the Queen Victoria in Llanelli seemed a good place to start back and try my hands again ....

Sadly - the evening started with a troop of drummers who were loud enough not to notice if anyone was listening or not - and to be fair we were very supportive and clapped along with them and gave them a rousing cheer at the end - but going on early in the evening - I found that as an audience they were - as only the Welsh can put it "ignorant!!"

Having no thought or respect for other artists, or maybe they just did not like my stuff, they talked all the way through the set - only a short one of two songs as it was a busy evening with more players arriving all the time ..... But then I had chosen a set which was a little tongue in cheek !!

I had found a rather funny - though not very politically correct - song written by Filfy Fil Alexander - a minstrel I had met at the Curious Pastimes Renewal last Summer Bank Holiday. He had not played CP before - but as he only loved down the road from the site he had decided to pop in for an evening.
During the course of the evening he sang the  "The Dodo - or Dido's Alive"  and I thought - yup - my type of song !!!

And so, it was my opening song of my set - went down very well with everyone except rude drummers !!!    I suppose that s why they drum rather than sing and play !!!...

Managed to get them - almost with my second number - the Misk from Pinsk - but I suppose it has a bit of a rhythm - even for me !!

Meanwhile - back in the house, the canvass is still drying - or rather the main sides that I put out yesterday are drying quite nicely and the lid to Bertha has been dragged in form the Garage and now festoons the basement - permeating the house with a soft smell of woodsmoke, charcoal and rain....

While on the stairs we make use of the three stories to drape another side ......

And the living room is still covered !!!

Will have to do some more video editing as soon as I have a moment - but have to get ready for the weekend as well now - off to a castle - yay!!!

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