Wednesday, 18 December 2013

18th December 2013 - On Procrastination...

Another lazy day... All days seem lazy at the moment. Tend to be geared around hospital visits for Susie, and looking at the housework and thinking that it should be done sometime. I did fold up the wall hangings and put them in a pile. A pile on the coffee table it must be admitted, rather than a pile put neatly away in the hamper/box that they live in, which is also sitting in the living room so quite handy to complete the job...  Saw that I had left another hanging on the stairs - so retrieved that as well..

That does not mean that we have folded up  the main canvass - which still festoons the house like a victorian sail loft. The smell of damp canvass is dissipating, which means that it is drying rather than rotting and going mouldy which is a bonus. Maybe tomorrow, and the dog hair is piling up as well. I mean that in a literal sense, as the amount of dog hair on the carpet is actually substituting for the pile if the carpet. It will probably be a case of getting the rubber soled shoes on and doing moon dances across the carpet to get it up - there is probably too much for the hoover - even a dyson hoover...  (Which terminology must be very annoying to people like Dyson - who still get named after a competitor vaccuum company - even after all these years!!)

But, one week away from Christmas and the goose has been bought and the reindeer for Boxing Day. Good old Lidl !!  Very little shopping needed now, not that I actually do much int he way of shopping in any case. But I think that this year will be a quiet one. Maybe we can put it off until next year !!

Why procrastinate today what you can procrastinate tomorrow ????

Might pop on down to the Llanelli Folk Club tonight and see what is happening.....

The Black Company

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