Thursday, 26 December 2013

26th December 2013 - Boxing day - Survived another year....

On the subject of Mead....

What do you mean we weren't talking about mead !!   Mead is a subject for every conversation but I thought this was interesting as I only remember Mead and Metheglin and the others are useful as a reference.....

A nice quiet Christmas this year - weather a little milder than before, and no inclination to go out and clear up the mess after the Storms.  

Time for a new image ???  Bad Santa ??

Of course Boxing day is a good time to review the excesses of Christmas Day... In this case, too much food, an ample sufficiency of drink ( including a rather nice glass of Port with cheese late at night) and good company. A double Skype - once from Crete and the other from America, allowing us to catch up with those far away on the big screen as well as with words..

Not the best of pictures of Mum - though it is clear that her attention is on the Goose and spread in front of us - which to be fair was slightly more than 3 people were going to be able to manage - though we did have a  really good go at the Goose!

The Goose !! - and not a Duck or Turkey as it was continually referred to
 (and yes !!!  There be dragons and puzzles from the Crackers!!)

And the Pick of Destiny 
From my cracker, an especially chosen pick - that from the Tenacious D song "Tribute" - and it is a Green one  - 

So as the day starts it is cold and bright.  What will the rest of the day bring??

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