Friday, 20 December 2013

20th December 2013 - Last Friday before Christmas

Traditionally, today is the British "Black Friday" - the last working Friday before Christmas, the last opportunity to have a works party without a day of work the next day - a busy day in my former career and a busy night for all police and ambulance.

But looking out of the window on a fairly mild and bright morning, it all seems very quiet out there.
I would not normally be here at this time of course, but Express Estate Agents, I think that they were probably the ones who we first approached who wanted to set the low price and invite offers above, decided to call on the phone this morning at a quarter to nine!!

Now, if you are going off to work in the morning or taking the kids to school or something similar, it may make sense to call your clients at a quarter to nine in the morning, but in our case...   this was not a good selling point for their business.  Sadly, once awakened, the dogs want to go out, a cup of tea is the order of the day and the Girls need to be let out of the Chicken Coop. Had a bit of a problem with the coop. The Waterproof roofing has torn a little and peeled back, allowing the water to start sinking into the chip board roof. A piece of plastic sheeting is currently over the roof, clipped down with Bertha Clips, and seems to be working, but only as a temporary fix. It will need some Gaffa Tape I think ...

They say the Gaffa Tape is like the Force... It has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together...  I also saw a comment the other day that "if you could not fix it with Gaffa Tape - then you did not use enough!!"

One of the chickens is still laying an egg a day. No-one has told it that it should stop now - so I will remain thankful..

But in the meantime, I can sit at my window, and process some video footage from the Llanelli Folk Club. I am doing my own first as that seems to make sense. I have footage of others to put on as I process them.

 Today though I am looking at two songs form Mythodea - my own compositions and seeing how they went down at the Folk Club. After all I am talking about a mythical land which no-one knows, and a game system that no-one understands, and people that no-one knows - still - the Green one has been popular elsewhere !!!

Mona Mour...

And so the first public rendition of the Jolly Rouge!! Added a little Reverb and small echo which covers a multitude of sins - and it seems to be going quite well. See if we get any hits with it ..

Though today I found some video of Mona dancing.. Something she was unable to do when I saw her due to her injured foot. Shared the song with her on her facebook page for a Christmas Present - I always was the generous one !!!

Summer Dance

Last of my own videos, was another Mythodea inspired song - this time my favourite creatures - the Viinshar...

The Viinshar

Trip to the hospital this afternoon with Arnold. Not able to take him yesterday as I had to go out too early.
Other than that - aim to get home early before the Black Friday Revelries get too noisy ...

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