Thursday, 19 December 2013

19th December 2013 - Sky, Blood and Logos

Thursday. Sky man came to move the dish - and did a nice job - upgraded the dish and receiver and everything appears to be working fairly well. Of course - last night the broad band went down again - so I spent the morning working through the usual procedures to check all the circuits and the line and found as usual that there was nothing wrong with any of them - and lo and behold the broadband starts working again at the end. I am beginning to suspect that the line test actually clears the problem each time - just by pushing  a test signal down the line and back.  

However, these days I am quite happy to have a chat on the phone with various call-center people. This time I discovered that it was snowing in Northern Ireland - ( I thought she was Scottish but what do I know!!!).

Chilly morning, and had to take a coat to watch the Sky Man in the back garden.
Then off to give blood. Seems I have official record for 25 donations. I reckon it should be nearer 40, since I have been giving since I was 17 - and only a few years missed. Many years it has been twice a year... Still they cannot get my records from England - and they may have missed some of them. But I got a nice 25 Silver Badge that I can put in the Bothy.

Missed a couple this year as well. Last time must have been February, as I recall they were short staffed as they were all undergoing re-training at the time. Was a bit of a surprise to find that there was no need for a ticket and wait your turn. New forms and more brochures to read. Half a pint of water to drink before you start. Little new nodding donkey machines by the beds and fairytale lights to state when you have given enough. Also - the five minute nap afterwards has all gone as well. But it was Christmas so the cup of tea was still there and a mince pie on this occasion. We are back to gripping a bandage, was a stick before as I recall before they gave up with the squeeze. Everything goes around in circles...

Susie not too well today - appears that the Savaloy may have had wheat additions in it - 36 hours after eating and she is suffering with her Diverticulitis and is resting in bed. So a good opportunity to see if I can make some bread. No - I am not going into the bakery business with all that dough needing ( though I could always do with some more dough )  but filling up the bread machine to see if I can get the ingredients right. Dropped a little on one side, but it often does that - smells good though.....

Got the new logo sorted out for Vollsanger - will think about branding more in the new year .. Decided to play on the flying pig and stick with the here all week.
Will look towards polo shirts and stuff after Christmas I think ....

Bus load going to Lampeter this evening - could be a bit messy I think and might be a late one....

Still - managed to upload the Old Dun Cow..

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