Thursday, 8 January 2015

8th January 2014 - The box is on the floor...

Thought for the day : "A man walks into a bear … His last thought was, "I wish I'd learnt to spell!"

There is a box sitting in my living room.
It came from Tescos.
It contains a computer which is designed to supercede my current steam driven old desktop machine, which is at least 5 or six years old, but works -however slowly...
I am reticent to install the new one as it is Windows 8 and I have heard so much about the system. I hated one machine that had Vista with a passion. It is a laptop that is sitting on a shelf somewhere.

I can probably manage a change of operating system. After all, I started a long time ago. But apparently I cannot use most of my existing software - or much of it may not work properly on a newer machine. Do I want to lose some of my accustomed simplicity..

So the box is on the floor.

Also, I understand that my Microsoft Office 2003 may not work on this.  I would not mind getting a new set, though in fairness I do not use most of the Microsoft stuff these days. I use Open Office so do not need anything except Outlook. And I need Outlook mainly because it has my diary integrated and all my previous emails - including business ones, andis neatly stored into directories and I can find anything. Apparently, if I want outlook on the new machine it will cost me an annual license of £59 which seems a little excessive.

So the box is on the floor.

I have some options. I could load the new machine alongside the old one and transfer stuff as it proves to be acceptable on the new machine. This seems like a plan. But then, my current work area is designed for one desktop and two laptops. There is no rook for two tower systems. And that means that I will have to change the workspace. This involves a change of the living room really. I do not want to start that task today..

So the box is on the floor.

This is the sort of time that I would sit back and think about it with a glass of Chateau 41 in hand - but I am having my dry month. A glass of diet coke does not do it the same way...

So the box is on the floor.

I have over 11,000 hits on Fandalism - a more recent music based social network which I have uploaded to. That seem quite successful. I hit 64,000 hits on Youtube this evening. That is quite acceptable. La plus la change, la plus la meme chose...  Ho Hum... Maybe an early night for a change. It is just coming up to midnight... I think I will go to bed...

And leave the box on the floor...

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