Sunday, 18 January 2015

18th January 2015 - The Box - update...

Thought for the day:  "Syntax... A tax on immorality"

It is Sunday evening and the saga of the box in the living room is nearing its end...  The first Computer that was delivered by Tesco worked well but was erratic in starting after being switched off - which seemed a bit of a problem to me - and something that should be fixed while it is only a few days old and not too much data had been transferred.

So Tesco Help Desk listened to my description for about ten seconds and decided that I needed a new machine - that they would get Yodel to pick my old one up next morning and deliver a new one to me by lunchtime - to the house - no questions asked.  I thought that was good service,.

So the new box has been sitting here as I slowly move the files form the old XP machine  and put them onto the new 8.1 Windows..  and fid that everything seems to work. The fellow at PC World who told me that none of my old office software would work was totally wrong - Office 2003 has loaded without problem. More important for me my old Quicken Financial Software 2002 loads as well without any problems, taking all the archived data and giving me a clean year end.

So the box, has now been moved to the hallway - I am not reckless enough to get rid of the box entirely - but I feel a bit more confident.  There are new factors, like a One Drive - which apparently will store all my data on a "cloud" whatever that is. So I have dropbox and One drive - should have most data somewhere out there. Also have a 2 Terrabyte drive that will hold the data that I want to keep... not that I don't trust clouds and things like that.

I still have to think about the set up - how to reset all the keyboards and screens so that I can use them properly, and see how long the old XP machine will last -  possibly just as a music machine.

So, a Sunday passes. An episode of Game of Thrones, and an early night to bed... 

Good night..

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