Sunday, 11 January 2015

11th January 2015 - Ancestry goes in Circles

Thought for the day:"When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail."

A day of paperwork and legal decisions, but while I am working on the papers - Susie has been tracking down more of the family.

It seems that the further we go into the background of my family, and those of people that we know, it seems that our life histories have been going around in circles...

Today we discovered that my mother's grandfather, Enoch, famous for his profanity and the occasional expression like "the weather is so foul you wouldn't let a dog out there - send your mother!" had a grandmother who lived only a few doors from where my mother moved a few generations later.

Prior to moving to Llanelli, my mother lived in the Bentlands, Benthall, Broseley. She was from the general area, raised in Bridgenorth, but as far as I know she moved to the Bentlands after returning from Scotland purely because she found a nice house....  We now discover that Enoch's grandmother lived at 5 Bridge Street - a road adjacent to her house and less than 50 yards away.....

As we go further into history, we are finding more relations that come from the Welsh area, today Llandybie and Cwm Ann and Carmarthen. 

So, that is all for Sunday. The new Computer seems to be behaving...   so far ...

Coffee and bed I think...  night!

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