Thursday, 29 January 2015

29th January 2015 - A bit tired...

Thought for the day : "OK, so what's the speed of dark?"

Today was a busy day.. A day of Lawyers and planning. Of setting up the Lodge for a Burns Night tonight where I will be addressing the Haggis in my Kilt - which reminds me I had better go and see if it still fits!! A day of learning the First Degree Charge to the initiates - somethign I have done before - but still a challenging piece to learn, and to be honest I am really tired !!!

I could just happily crawl into my bed for a nice nap - but the day has run away from me and I only have half an hour to kill before going out...

So, I shall let you go with a wave of my cup of tea. I shall feasibly not be in a state to write down how the evening went, this being my end of Dry Month ...

And tommorow I shall be travelling to Macclesfield and beyond - if the weather lets me ..

So he'res tas us - wha'ers like us? Gae few - and they're al deed!



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