Wednesday, 28 January 2015

28th January 2015 - Still Dry, and Walken Upright..

Thought for the day:"Is Balderdash a rapidly receding hairline?"

As I near the end of my month of Dry, the last thing I expected to see was a Do It Yourself link for making your own still!!

I started to copy it all onto my blog and then realised that it was going to be about 45 steps, so at the risk that the site changes sometime in the future - I shall just post the link here How to make a Moonshine Still

Though Burn's night has passed for most of us, I am still preparing for the St Teilo Lodge version tomorrow night - when I shall be once more addressing the Haggis. Hopefully I may manage to get a  photo or two for posterity - though normally we fail on the night.

I shall, of course be cheating on my Month of January Dry! I shall be interpretating the "month"  as four weeks, and so the 28th of the month ( ie today) is the last of my Dry days..  allowing me to imbibe in a glass or two of the freebie scotch tomorrow night. I won't tell anyone iof you don't!

Today is also the last day for creating Walken Pictures for my birthday galleries for January. I have the last four pictures created ready for the birthday wishes on facebook.

Speed Walken

I'm Walken Behind you

A Walken among the Tombstones

Walken down the Road
That should do it - I have then annoyed enought people to start one year ...
So - with my last cup of tea  - Cheers!


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