Saturday, 10 January 2015

10th January 2014 - the box in the living room is empty..

Thought for the day : "A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing!!!"

So... Back to the box in the living room ..
So far all seems to be working pretty well. No glitches with the software so far and by deleting all the unwanted apps I seem to have a workable machine.
My standard software all appears to be loading without difficulty. The issue of whether to go for the new outlook is still in the air.

After trying Macromedia and my old Photoshop Pro 7 (yes I know it is ancient but it still does everything I want to for my photo manipulations - I do not really want to learn another system yet) they both seem t load with ease and have not complained yet.

So the box is in the living room - but empty!
The new machine and the old are working side by side - I would not say in conjunction with each other as they are not connected - I do not think that XP can link with the new machines. Though my laptop seems to have come on board.

And so another day goes by and we are a day further on the Dry month. Went to a nice dinner in the Ivy Bush Hotel for lunch with the Provincial Senatus of the Order of the Scarlet Cord - and was happy with a pint of water with ice and lemon - even happier after paying £1.30 for a premix diet coke - I chose not to have ice as that allowed me to have another 1/8 glass of coke! Saved me a fortune in Wine bill and Pints!

I am beginning to look like a can of diet coke - have to look for some offers in the supermarkets for bottles - it is Sunday - a good day for new offers...

And so to bed ...

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