Wednesday, 7 January 2015

7th January 2015 - Full of Grace and Wonder

Thought for the day : "just bought a Bonnie Tyler satnav. It keeps telling me to Turn Around, and every now and then it falls apart....."

There are a lot of silly game son Facebook - but occasionally I do some ..  I did the "Where would you live in Middle Earth today and got "Rivendell" . I quite like that ..
Rivendell is an Elven outpost in Middle-Earth. It is an important location as it was established and ruled by Elrond in the Second Age of Middle-earth (four or five thousand years before the events of The Lord of the Rings), and was protected by the powers of its lord and his elven ring Vilya. You live here as you are wise and patient. You are not always the first to battle, however you are always aware of those around you. You have some differences with others, however you see past them when there is something larger at stake. Many people envy you and wish to be you. You are full of grace and wonder.
I can live with that ..

In other news - I spent a long time ion PC World yesterday with a nice young man who told me all sorts of things that I need to know about buying a replacement computer - not too expensive, but some of the things that I am out of touch with - processors, amount of RAM  - that sort of thing...

Having looked on line I had an idea of what I wanted and with his help I decided upon one that happened to be in the store. Sadly, checking stock, it was not available anywhere for delivery, and only in store in Hereford. Every store seemed to have one, but they are not allowed to sell the display version ... and none are available.. So much for On Line sales ...  So I chose another - same story.. and another ... because I could not think where to buy a computer these days, other than Dell on Line...

Sadly I came away from the store - not surprised if I see that their sales are down this year - after all it is the first week of January and there must be people with money in their pockets from Christmas.. Why can't they ave some stock?

I popped into Maplins.. and they had one machine - a gaming machine well out of my price range, and the salesman said "no" to start with and then remembered that they had one !!! But he was the one who suggested I might look at Tescos...

Good call - on line and I see one of almost the same specification as the one I wanted. £229 - used £100 of Tesco Vouchers and by clicking on the button, and using my Tesco Credit Card for 229 points, it was guaranteed to be delivered to Llanelli for collections before 3pm today... And it was !!! 

So - pretty impressive there - well until I try to set it up tomorrow and start having all the problems of Windows 8...  

But I will recall - "I am full of Grace and Wonder!"

Night !!!

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