Saturday, 20 September 2014

20th September 2014 - Day 3 in Crete - Surrounded by Cretans

Thought for the day: "Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't."

Seemed an appropriate title for today, as we are going to attend a Creta wedding this evening, and traditionally it seems that the guns come out at weddings to shower the congregations (well preferably not!) but at least the sky with bullets.

Seems that only last week a wedding in the hills was supported by the firing of a Kalashnikov into the air and the bullets ended up landing on a local hotel - no-one was hurt I understand, but they arrested the perpetrator !!!  Apparently he was released the next day - being a minor offence only in this area...

Apparently it will not be a full Greek wedding - this is only a small affair with about 40 people, whereas the normal wedding here would be for a thousand or so...  Certainly the family is well known. It appears that they may not have a main photographer so I will take the camera and see if I can get a few shots for the bridal couple this evening. The ceremony starts at 7.30pm so there may be some lighting issues as it gets dark early here.  But we will see what we can get ...

Meanwhile we are in the company of Bethan and Mike...
and of course little Scarlett

Mike went to collect the wood for the frame of the Murial yesterday. Sadly, they use different a "7" here and the measurement of 274 centimeters was misread as 214 and Mike managed to drive back with the wood on the motorbike quite proudly, but only to be told that it was the wrong size. Shops shut here at 2.30pm and in this case did not re-open at 5.30 as usual so we are waiting until Monday to get some more wood to sort the frame out.

Met the in-law last night, with a lovely meal at Maria's house. I feel certain that Maria would feel totally at home in our house....  the same sort of artefacts, decorations and piles of crockery in the cupboards.  Of course this is on a different scale. She has a beautifully tidy house and on a smaller scale but we felt very much at home. Sat out later in the front of the house, which was cooler.. Surrounded by an Orange and Lemon tree, both of which were very Green...  Including the fruit...

 Hit 58,5000 hits on Youtube which is quite a tidy sum. No access to a guitar here which is quite strange at the moment as I have been playing every day at home. But the sun is shining and a cup of tea will go down nicely..

So - another day in paradise...... Cheers

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