Sunday, 14 September 2014

14th September 2014 - You can tell you are at a good Wedding when the Bridal Couple cut the Jelly!

Thought for the day: "I got into a Yorkshire university with my A level results: A,C,D,C. - I'm on the highway to Hull! "

Back home after a lovely and unique wedding!
Congratulations to Katy and Greg, not only on your wedding but on the way you made it uniquely your own!
From the Order of Service with Ian the Minister, where the sections are:
"Chatting with God and Praising Him ..."
"The legal Beagle Section"
"Story Time with Ruth" (Reading from Corinthians)
"More Singing" (hymns)
"Greg and Katy make some promises and give each other some Bling" (marriage and exchange of rings !)
"Singing a Christmas Carol in September"
An interesting set of readings form the Song of Solomon!!
"Ian explains stuff to us " ( The sermon really (
"Chatting wiht God and asking for Stuff"
A game of SUDOKU in case you get bored while signing the register
"More Singing"

 I suppose it was clear that it would be their own day as the Bride arrived in her Veil and White Dress walking through Bath with her Bridesmaids and entourage...  fashionably 20 minutes late !!
 And the Grand Entrance...
Please note the tastefully designed unique bouquets of all the Bridesmaids...   Lollipops !!
And after the deed...
  And the kiss in the Confetti....
And of course if you walk to the Church then you need a different form of transport away form the wedding ..
After that - of course, we must return to a level of decorum suitable for the couple ..
Well, what you lose on slides..
And then there is of course the Bouncy Castle.. and the Bridesmaids...

And of course the speeches were all "normal" well you would have had to be there !!
And so - with these few images  - I wish Greg and Katy a very Unique life together and every happiness..

I raise a glass of Chateau 41

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