Thursday, 18 September 2014

18th September 2014 - First Day in Crete - No rain yet

Thought for the day:" Just remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off."

Well the temperature is dropping and the baromoter is dropping, and the wind is rising and it is cool enough to be manageable. though my daughter is complaining that all her winter clothes are packed away and is unsure what to wear to go out this evening for a bite to eat. Personally it is exceptionally hot and sticky... but a walk along the quayside at Agios Nikolais to the new ice cream parlour meant that the sea breezes were blowing.....

While at the Ice Parlour, (Mango and pistachio, lemon and cherry with vanilla) we were slightly unsure about the young couple behind the counter, who seemed to be sharing a cup and a jug of milk and a cuddle... Turned out it was special lessons regarding making a perfect Cappucino... (I will have to remember that one!) one with a flower painted in milk on the top - it looked really nice - so they offered one to Susie, and then made another for me to have with our ice creams..

Felt a bit bad later, as I had forgotten the custom of tipping over here, and left with a cheery "Effaristo" (however that is spelled)  but without leaving anything for them on the table.. We resolved to return and correct that next time - well I am sure that we will be visiting the establishment again !

Well the baby slept through most of the night, and seems fairly content during the day - so we are going to risk popping down to the Galley restaurant for an early evening munchies.


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