Wednesday, 5 September 2018

5th September 2018 - Birthday Celebrations

Thought for the day: "Cartoonist found dead at home. Details are sketchy"

And a lovely birthday we had yesterday - a trip down the poolside at the Blue River followed by a party at Patriko's

We stayed a little later at the pool so that the party table could be set out...

and then we had a little party

With Presents and stuff..

Toys from Aunty Shazbat and family..

and a big yellow parcel ...

which was opened with gusto..

though possibly a small confusion as to whether it was for Oma or From Oma ..

But then there were more presents..

 and more

 but there seemed to be  favourite

And a new friend at the table 

 Not sure if she was allowed cake or not

Possibly not..

And there was cake ..


Yamas !!

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