Sunday, 23 September 2018

23rd September 2018 - 2012 and Cows with Balls

Thought for the day:"Propaganda – Cockneys taking a close look " RIP Chas!!

Saw a short video of a cow playing fetch with a ball...  Thought I would share it....

A restful Sunday for a change - though the day seems to be slipping away form me ...
I should be doing the accounts of course but somehow should and achieving are two different things.
Sad to say - we succumbed yesterday to the temperature and despite deciding that the heating should not go on until October - it was chilly enough to  put the thermostat up a bit... and it was a delight not to have to worry about the pump and the tank and whether there would be any heat ion any of the radiators.. Of course I may still have to bleed some of the radiators - but at least I can be confident that they will work - and all of them !!  It was a good idea to fix them last year ...

A day for a bit of reflection as well - here is 2012 summed up...  In actual fact - it is a facebook photo book that a company called re-snap would like me to buy for £60 plus - thought I think that there is a discount somewhere, but still a substantial amount of money... So - having viewed it it seemed a better idea to pop the pictures into the video editor - and then we get "those were the days"


So - that was another piece of procrastination ....
Maybe later - after a nap !!


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