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28th September 2018 - Commemorative Jewel

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A good day at St Teilo yesterday. Went very smoothly despite the Master not being there. Phil Hall opened and did the main proclamations - Roger Jones the obligations and I did the inner working. Upstairs, John Jones was available to play the piano so I sang the Master's Song and the Visitor's Song - all seemed to go well..

We have adapted the Master's Collar presentation quite a bit - so I place it here so we have it in the future. It is not official ritual - but only by convention...

Presentation of the Commemorative Jewel

Worshipful Master:

Upon the occasion of the 75th anniversary of this Lodge – in the Millennium Year 2000, I had the pleasure of presenting a Master’s Apron to this lodge – to be worn by the Master of the Lodge – in commemoration of 75 years of continuous Masonry in this Lodge.

[You – Worshipful Master – already wear the badge of your Provincial Rank and therefore have no need of this regalia – which I place into your charge – so that you will be enabled to invest your successor at the next installation.]

During the Ceremony of installing you into the Chair of this – the St Teilo Lodge, you have had the honour of being invested with the collar and jewel of your Office.

In addition to the Square, this collar is adorned with the Commemorative Jewel – which indicates that the members of this lodge fulfilled their obligations – by assisting in establishing a fund to commemorate the preservation of Freemasonry through two and a half centuries!

The income from this very substantial fund, has been placed at the disposal of the “ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEAONS OF ENGLAND” – to further research in the Science of SURGERY, as a real and practical contribution to the betterment of the health and happiness of Humanity.

The design of the jewel – embodies the central theme of arms – first granted to the “HOLE AND CRAFTS AND FELLOWSHIP of MASONS” in the year 1472.

I feel sure, Worshipful Master, that the members will always have a sense of great pride and satisfaction : in that – this adornment to the Master’s Collar – marks the participation of the lodge in that great Enterprise.

You will also see a Tercentenary Ornament upon the collar.  This will serve as a reminder to ourselves and our successors of the importance of the meeting, of four Lodges at the Goose and Gridiron, on 24th June 1717.  A meeting which laid the foundation for the Regulation and Governance of Speculative Craft Freemasonry as we know it today., and may the Craft thrive far into the future.

So today we have the installation of the Royal Ark Mariners at Llanelli - a busy week as I am then off to East Anglia for the Provincial Meeting on Saturday Morning ...   Ho Hum. 



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