Sunday, 9 November 2014

9th November 2014 - Best not leave the windows open on the car.....

Thought for the day: "Do Eskimos get Polaroids if they sit on the ice too long?"

November fifth seems to have lasted a very long time this year. I am always sort of aware of it as I have had dogs for years and fireworks tend to have a disconcerting affect upon animals generally - and out dogs in particular..  This year - in addition to the fireworks we have had a fairly continuous set of quite serious storms with thunder claps louder than a town centre celebration.

But this year, maybe because the 5th was in the middle of the week, the celebrations were all last weekend - each evening this week and throughout this weekend . A lot of money has gone up in smoke.

Meanwhile - the torrential rain abated every so often - enough to allow me to get to the warehouse and start sorting some of the damper boxes and transfer to the standard Morrisons Banana version. Then enough to allow me a quick walk around Burry Port in the dry - returning to the car in the sunshine. Of course it would have been more advisable to shut the window when visiting my mother - the skies opened and the thunder and lightning rained down like the onset of apocalypse...

But while I dodge the rain - here are a few views of Burry Port in November - not a bad place to live.. 

Not sure what the fungus is - but looked pretty spectacular - luckily 'Thena had more sense than to eat it ..

So - as the rain hammers down upon the window - I will raise a glass of '41 and say Cheers!
Central heating seems to be working ..  All is well with the world ... 


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