Sunday, 23 November 2014

23rd November 2014 - Sunday is the day of rest ?

Thought for the day: " The technical expert who developed predictive text died this morning.
His funfair will be hello on Sundial."

There was a remote plan to have a lie in... It had been a busy week. There was a time when I worked for a living and worked up to 70 or 80 hours a week - completely against the Working Time Directive of course... but I still seemed to have more time back in those days !!

In fairness - I did not get up at 8am. For some reason - possibly the excess of waste food found by the dog  which she was not meant to find, let alone eat!!  meant that she was not the normal morning alarm clock, deciding that polluting the air on a regular fashion was preferable to a morning snack. But as I raised my bones at 8.45, when the bladder clock  made its demands, the dog decided that it would shake its bones and deign to have a handful of dry food....

And that really started the day ...  The results of the "food forage" was spread allover the patio - and needed scraping and cleaning.. I am hoping for a good rain tomorrow - so I don't have to hose down as well !!
Chickens needed cleaning! they are getting better. It seems that they are surprisingly clean creatures even though there are 10 of them in a small chicken house. But as I cleaned them out today - it was clear that there is a quarter of the hutch which is dry and clean and the remainder is wet and full of chicken wee..

I never knew that they segregated their sleeping quarters.. You learn something every day ...

Meanwhile - the generator that we had filled up for the carnival float was now stinking out the Bothy...
Taking the gennie around to the Warehouse was at least a start. But that meant that a couple of hours moving boxes was required... to start rationalising the storage space...

And after that - walking the dog - though I am not sure that the smell of petrol helped her still slightly sensitive stomach  - but she enjoyed her romp on the beach. A quick flying visit to my mother and 'Thena has her first training on the chain on guard in the Bothy - I did not want to shut her inside with the current smell of petrol and in fairness wanted to leave it for a while to get rid of the fumes - I am sleeping in her on Friday !!!

And she did well - not fuss or barking . Waited outside on the chain for a while and then went inside to lie down ..   Success!!

Back home - there is a bit of paperwork and mail stuff to do ...  I thought that days were meant to be quieter as you get older !!!    Some arrangements for my forthcoming installation as President of the Llanelli Consistory of the Order of the  Scarlet Cord in two weeks, and a number of things I had forgot to do !!!

An evening of Countryfile, Medieval Castles, Antique Roadshow, a silly film, Click, and some random episode of something stored like Lost Girl...    A lovely dinner of Lamb - I knew it was lamb as we had the green stuff - mint sauce with it ! a gin and tonic and some Chateau 41.....

Sitting here finishing my blogg - I seem to ache a little around the joints ....
Night Night - Cheers!

Useless Item of the Day

Don't think I will use them as kitchen designers

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